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BEU 360° Assessment


The BEU 360° Assessment will help determine new and improved ways to manage office technology and the flow of information.
We examine seven key business factors in order to develop solutions that will help your organization streamline
your workflow processes, improve office productivity, and reduce organizational costs.

Corporate Culture

An in-depth evaluation of your corporate culture allows us to align recommended strategies with your business objectives.


We create a snapshot of your current technology environment including the identification of underutilized, obsolete and redundant assets.

 Usage Patterns

We collect and analyze relevant data from all technology devices, both networked and non-networked assets.

 Related Costs

We provide you with the total cost of ownership through an in-depth review of both the direct and indirect costs associated with technology devices and information workflow asset usage, as well as ongoing maintenance.


We analyze cause-and-effect relationships and identify any bottlenecks or inefficiencies.


We examine administrative functions including procurement and internal IT processes in order to improve current processes and create new ones.


We help you develop environmentally friendly work practices by:

  • Lowering energy consumption.
  • Lowering CO2 output and emissions for an improved carbon footprint.
  • Reducing paper waste.
  • Using fewer consumables.
  • Remaining energy conscious.
  • Proper disposal of retired technology.

TBT 360 App

360 App

The 360 process provides insight to your existing technology and workflow processes, usage patterns, and all related costs. The 360 App installs quickly and easily, and provides a snapshot of your current printing environment, allowing us to customize solutions to your needs. The 360 App will also provide ongoing usages reports, and allow automatic meter reads and delivery of supplies.

 Cost Control

 Workflow Automation

 Information Security

 Environmental Sustainability


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